As a new mother it’s easy to become so completely consumed by looking after your tiny, infinite baby, that your self-identity can feel compromised. Mothership Writers is about nurturing your own creative spirit. It’s about finding the pockets of time that you perhaps didn’t think existed, and filling them with good things. It’s about taking a moment – amidst the chaos – to process, document, and find your flow.

Through friendly and accessible teaching, and fun and engaging writing exercises, we’ll help you hit your stride as a writer. At the end of the year’s course we’ll produce the first ever Mothership Writers anthology: a personal keepsake, but also an exciting and authentic documentation of early motherhood, from a chorus of new voices.


When you sign up for Mothership Writers you’ll become part of a supportive and rejuvenating community. Workshops will be held fortnightly from April, at St Werburghs Community Centre (Wednesday morning) and Windmill Hill City Farm (Friday afternoon). Both venues are accessible, welcoming, and inspiring – perfectly in tune with our Mothership philosophy. There’s plenty of room for prams too.

In addition to the workshops, you’ll have access to a closed Facebook group for revisiting teachings at your leisure, for sharing work with fellow Mothership Writers, and keeping up the dialogue with your newfound friends.

While workshops are, at the moment, just in Bristol, we’d like mothers everywhere to be able to connect with the Mothership Writers philosophy. You can keep up to date with what we’re doing with our online journal, and look out for inspirational tips and shared stories on social media.


New motherhood is seismic. Studies have shown that 10%-20% of women experience postnatal depression in the year after birth, and for those who don’t, it’s still a time of vulnerability and contradiction. You’ve a constant companion, yet you can feel lonely. You’re witnessing an unfolding miracle, but the days can seem the same. You are your baby’s world, but your own can shrink to a set of walls. Everyone tells you the time goes so fast, but sometimes it’s as if the days, and nights (oh the nights) are never-ending. And your body can feel like it’s no longer your own. Writing encourages us to embrace such complexities, to go deeper into contradictions, and file dispatches. The health benefits of journaling are well documented; in our fortnightly workshop sessions we’ll be drawing upon personal experience as we focus on aspects of creative writing, and take pleasure, as a group, in the learning process.

Maybe you just want to think about something else in your day other than feeding schedules and dirty nappies – and meet up with other women who’d like to do the same. Perhaps you want to create a personal record of this time in your life. Or maybe you’ve always liked the idea of writing, perhaps you’ve already scribbled in a notebook or two, but haven’t yet followed a regular workshop programme. Let Mothership Writers be your creative fuel. Let us be inspiration, laughter, and a couple of hours in your week that are just for you (with your baby along for the ride).  

A big thank you to our project funders, partners and friends, for making Mothership Writers possible.

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